Conversation Piece

Sometime I Sit and Think, and Sometime I Just Sit!

A.A. Milne

Happy fast Friday. This is a special month for me because it is the 2 year anniversary of changing my world by being introduced to meditation. It was the official start of our 500-hour teacher training, we where having a mentor meeting and it was born. My mentor gave us all journals and suggested we might want to look into a meditation practice to quiet the mind and to journal by recording our thoughts. Looking up to Erika the way I do, I started right away. There was only one problem, for me closing my eyes meant to fall asleep. So I decided to leave my eyes open while focusing on the dancing flame of a candle as a focal point. I started with 1 minute, then two, then three and have now worked my way into 20 or 30 MINUTES. And yes, I can close my eyes without falling to sleep. At a certain point, one of my classmates (Rebecca Fink) and I used the buddy system to be accountable to one another (hint, hint)!

For those that say it is hard to keep your mind free of thought, I’ll say, for me, it’s not clearing everything from my mind, but slowing the thoughts down until they eventually become fewer and fewer. Allow the thoughts to be exactly what they are. Don’t give them legs or act out all the characters in the play. The next thought will come, but don’t engage it!

I”m not looking for some special magic power, but rather Santosha (contentment)! If I don’t meditate, which is maybe once or twice a week I don’t panic by thinking my day won’t be delightful. I think the biggest feeling I take away from my meditation practice is the reward that comes from the discipline to quite myself within the vibration of movement and the stillness that allows me to be okay to JUST SIT!

Join me today:

YW Mission Viejo today (Friday) 12-1:10 Vinyasa 2/3

or tomorrow:

YW Mission Viejo (Saturday) 9:30-10:55 Vinyasa

Stay tuned as I work out the details for June Yoga Retreat to Mexico!

The wisdom in me recognizes the wisdom in you…. The spirit in me acknowledges the spirit in you…. And the love in me embraces the love in you…

Until we meet again


4 Comments on “Conversation Piece

  1. Fantastic…
    great perspective on just thinking the thoughts and letting them go..
    I like the idea to start with your eyes open and the candle.. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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