Taking our health into our own hands

“It’s one thing to not know, but another to know and act like you don’t.”

Because mom put so much love into the food that she prepared is the reason I believe it helped us survive foods that were not the best for us (i.e. deep-fried and meats that our digestive tracks take too long to digest fully). For my generation, we were super active in the 70’s! All we had and wanted to have was football, basketball, and baseball and we did all 3 year-round. Rainy days were the worst because they meant you could not be outside playing, but at the first sign of sunshine, we were out the door before mom could say yes! We had the major networks only and TV actually went off after the late show to the continuous sound of beeping with black and white color bars. Life was simple and fast food was something that was a treat. It was limited to at most a few times a month. We sat down at ate as a family daily. At some point, this started to change and the food manufacturers figured out that as they added more additives to the food they could make more money. The health of human beings started to decline. This was and still is the real price. Well, its time to come out of the ether and take our health back. I’m not professing to be an expert in this area by any means, but I know what works for me very well. I’m also aware a person’s food choices are a sensitive subject! So, here’s my personal journey.

It was in Jamaica 2001 that my spiritual journey was born and I began to take my health into my own hands! I had traveled there alone, but in the company of those that were placed in front of me so that I could hear whatever messages I needed to take in to nourish my soul. While hanging out with some Rastas and talking about nutrition one told me what my waste probably smelled like. He then urged me to stay away from beef, chicken and pork for 90 days and that I would feel stronger, lighter and have more energy. I didn’t question as to how, I just took his advice when I returned home and did just that. What I discovered was that not only did I experience all this, but my aches and pains from 13 years of football started to disappear and what I thought were arthritic knees handed down from my parents started to improve. But the best of the health in my knees really started to make itself known in 2005 when my yoga journey began. And I’m happy to report today I’m pain-free in my knees and can do things I’ve never been able to do or experience because of the increased mobility due to the increased circulation in blood and lubrication in the joint itself.

I’ve always been open to trying things that could help me improve my health and my quality of life. I feel you can always go back to what’s comfortable, but unless you give something a try you’ll never know what endless possibilities could be waiting for you. In 2002 my good friend Teresa Jordan and I went to a raw food event at someone’s house that we were invited to and discovered something very powerful: the people looked full of life. Their eyes were huge, the whites were whiter than white and they seemed young, youthful and energetic! She took the journey before I did and I saw the changes in herself (youthful, brighter completion and buzzing with excitement). Eight years ago, I wanted some of what she was experiencing so I decided to take the plunge and went raw vegan for 90 days. I didn’t put a time table on it, but it lasted that length of time because it was hard and I didn’t have the staying power to stick it out. I went back to my strict vegan/vegetarian nutritional intake I missed so much and my comfort foods that had become habit and which I had a history with.

Determined to get back to what made me feel alive and brought so much openness to my yoga practice both on and off the mat, in September of 2012 I had regrouped to the point to stop ignoring what I had learned within the 90 days of bliss, “it’s one thing to not know, but another to know and act like you don’t.” I was focused and learned enough about myself to not past judgement on myself or anyone for that matter. My eb and flow has taken me on an amazing journey and for a year and a half I was living in a place where I didn’t give into emotional eating, “at least cooked food,” that I felt was inflaming my flesh and joints to a point that kept me from feeling alive. I knew I could not eat an occasional cooked meal! You see I’m not wired that way, I’m an obsessive compulsive addict of what I love and food is no different! I’ll eat when I’m full, tired, angry, lonely, bored! Can anyone say AMEN? I realize I can’t keep what I’ve learned unless I give it away and by me sharing this with you allows me to do just that! It’s all a choice, commitment and a daily work. Christmas 2013 I fell off the wagon up in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead and went back into the cooked world. The difference was I did not lose my mind completely and eat all mom’s holiday cakes, pies and overstuff my temple with things that would make me feel horrible, but for almost two years I spun out of control for me. Most would say, Simon what’s your problem, you’re 51 and 175 pounds and look like I wish I could! Today I’m 169 pounds and who knew this man that used to be 208 at my heaviest and full of bulky muscles that limited fluid movement could feel this good. At this point in my life it’s not all about what the scale says, it’s the feeling that comes from what I do or don’t do. Again, it’s all about feeling alive and consuming plant based live foods for me is the only way to experience this. Breathing and eating are synonymous for me! When I consumed dead cooked food it was like taking shallow unconscious breaths, I was just surviving, but when a eat raw foods it’s like taking a conscious inhale and exhale, I truly begin to live.

I love the smell, taste of coffee a few days per week, but I started to experience nausea at times after consuming it. The same experience started to happen from certain cooked foods. My hip started giving me issues that I didn’t remember happening while raw foods flowed through mind, body and spirit. My intuition started reminding me what I already knew. On Sunday August 30th I threw up so violently after a cooked breakfast with coffee that I knew I could not act like I didn’t know anymore. The small little voice has spoken and I’m listening, PERIOD!!!

I’m just a critter STRAIGHT OUTAH COMPTON and if I can take my health into my on hands, so can you. Like Mcfadden and Whitehead used to sing, “AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ ME NOW”

Remember today is Fast Friday 

Join me today:

10/9 in Mission Viejo Yoga Works Vinyasa Flow level 2/3 12-1:10


10/10 Mission Viejo Yoga Works Vinyasa Flow level 2 9:30-10:55

Retreat 2016 in Mexico details are in the works

The wisdom in me recognizes the wisdom in you….The spirit in me acknowledges the spirit in you….And the love in me embraces the love in you….

Until we meet again


One Comment on “Taking our health into our own hands

  1. Excellent Post about your Journey Simon! I think so many of us can relate to your words about eating of emotion or convenience. I also admire your truthfulness about where u felt “BEST”. I know so many “Once Upon a Time RAW Vegans” that felt their very best when they were eating all RAW, that “threw in the towel” bcuz of emotion, peer pressure, convenience, and a whole host of other reasons…..that have never returned to the once Blissful RAW Vegan Lifestyle….( even though they admit it served them best) bcuz its just simply HARD WORK like so many challenges in life. Congratulations Simon! I salute u and honor your strength & determination to do this! Many Blessings ahead for u!

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