Self Care – The Ultimate way to decompress

“If You Can Think And Not Make Thoughts You Aim”

Newport Float Therapy

What is a flotation chamber?
Our chambers provide a light and sound free environment containing 12” of solution of water and about 1,000 lbs. of dissolved Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). The water is heated to skin temperature (about 95 degrees). The participant floats effortlessly with neither sound or light inputs.

What are the benefits of floating?
Stress reduction
Lessens blood pressure
Enhances concentration and focus
Relieves joint inflammation
Pain relief from injuries

And for 90 minutes I floated trusting that I was safe within the unknown and well protected. I entered exhausted from a productive and super busy work week. My back was achey, my braid was fried and I had been anticipating this experience for some time now. I knew I would drift into a restful sleep even prior to my session because of the fatigue I was living with, but I did not know when or how it would feel as I transitioned.

When I laid back I could not help but smile with excitement, that’s the kid in me! It was peaceful, warm, but a little stuffy like the lack of circulated air. Within my dark bliss I could here pings on occasions and felt what I can only describe as zaps of electrical impulses in my brain as if I were being recalibrated some how. I found peace in the rise and fall of my belly and the occasional touch of the walls around me on my feet. I wondered would I be able to endure 90 minutes, was something in the water that I could not see that would cause me harm? But somewhere deep within those thoughts the piano music that signaled it was time to rise and shine began to soothe my ears. I must had slept, “I thought, because I felt rested and serene.” I exited the chamber to shower and prepared for my journey home. The drive was surreal and quiet, as I didn’t want the noise of music to rob me of my experience.

I awaked this morning in a pool of sweat feeling cleansed as if I had fasted for a week. I felt sharp, light and with less noise running through my brain during my meditation. My senses feel heightened and my body feels calm and at ease. I’m looking forward already to my next voyage into the unknown as I continue to work a little deeper as I discover and rediscover more of me.

HAPPY FAST FRIDAY – join me from noon today until noon tomorrow giving our systems a well deserved break

Teaching schedule:


VINYASA FLOW 11/6 12-1:10 level 2/3

VINYASA FLOW 11/7 9:30-10:55 level 2


Thanks for your patience for retreat details, I’m anxiously awaiting the flyers and date confirmation along with you

The wisdom in me recognizes the wisdom in you….The spirit in me acknowledges the spirit in you…. And the love in me embraces the love in you….

Until we meet again


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