The balance between to much and not enough.

“It’s not the touching the of the toes that matters the most, it’s the journey on the way down to touching them that matters.”

When I found yoga ten years ago I was broken and ready to love my body as opposed to the grind that I had been putting it through as a gym rat. I continued to put it through the same paces I was accustomed to as a football player because it’s all I knew. I quickly learned that I could love myself and be gentle and it was okay! I found out it was the ease within the effort that gave me more. Coming to the mat with pre-existing back issues from my days of putting hundreds of pounds on my shoulders and squatting in the name of I don’t know what forced me to really go deeper than the physical. It’s how the connection between breath and movement makes me feel that matters to me and I infuse  that philosophy into my teaching.

My very first chiropractor told me that yoga had saved my life! She then went on to say that she treats former athletes that played the length of time I did and that they are a wreck…I quickly agreed and told her I already knew that. I’ve learned that feeling good can quickly change if you’re not mindful of the way you move always. Just because I did something with ease yesterday does not make it automatic for me to the same things today. However, if I approach whatever I’m doing with grace and ease it might happen. It’s nice to live in the present so that I can continue to find the beautiful balance between to much and not enough. I’ve found that in my daily practice of life, whether it be on or off the mat that it is possible to give less and gain so much more.

Teaching schedule:


VINYASA FLOW 11/13 12-1:10 level 2/3

VINYASA FLOW 11/14 9:30-10:55 level 2


Thanks for your patience for retreat details, I’m anxiously awaiting the flyers and date confirmation along with you

The wisdom in me recognizes the wisdom in you….The spirit in me acknowledges the spirit in you…. And the love in me embraces the love in you….

Until we meet again,


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