Three Soft Kisses

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. “

  -Alice Morse Earle

I began to really resent the commercial aspect that has been fueling Christmas and to a large extent I still do! But having small kids and maturing to where I am today has softened me and kissed me in ways I could not have predicted.

I remember Crystal’s second Christmas and Sheila(her amazing Mom) and I going out and adorning our tree with a mountain of gifts because we thought whatever we thought we were supposed to do. To our surprise within an hour of probably being overwhelmed, she was in her little Mary Kay box of Happy Meal toys content and in love with her present moment of gratitude for life’s simplicity.

I was in Toys R Us the other day picking up 1 gift and it made me feel so uncomfortable to see and feel what was before me. I saw and felt frantic shoppers that did not appear to have much money shopping for STUFF. I’m a present moment kind of man at this point in my life and I love to plan, but the day that is before me is the one that matters most. Our girls  don’t ask for much and I tell friends and clients that they amaze me to no end. Crystal, Chayanne and Ave Maria you rock, because I was nothing like you growing up and asked for everything.

For those of you who are torn as to what are the right amount of gifts to give a child, “although I know it’s personal,” like food choices here is what one expert has to say. The funny thing is we were planning a part of his recommendation already. He says give 1 gift that the child wants, 1 they need and something to read.

Since both holidays are on Fridays let’s resume FAST FRIDAYS the second Friday in January.

Mexico Retreat dates are set: Mexico Retreat(Xinalani – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) June 1-7 2016 contact info Angelli 310-664-6470 ext 137

Teaching Schedule:

Yoga Works MV

12/22 Hatha 1 9-10:25

12/25 Cancelled

12/26 Vinyasa 2 9:30-10:55 

The wisdom in me recognizes the wisdom in you….The spirit in me acknowledges the spirit in you…. And the love in me embraces the love in you….

Until we meet again,







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