As our world has taken a turn we didn’t ask for directly, “maybe for some us we did” we have been faced with the question of what our lives pre – Covid19 were like? Were you on cruise control allowing things to be a normal part of your existence because you knew nothing else? Who can remember when television used to actually turn off until the next morning? When if you did not buy the batteries for the Christmas toy your child would not play with it until the next week or day. Something happened and the world never closed or slept. We normalized it and looked the other way perhaps! Human hamsters on the wheel of life and in some ways afraid of jumping off maybe? What would I do, were would I go, how would the life I had bought into continue to be maintained for our families? The expensively high mortgages, fancy cars, boats, expensive vacations and the list goes on and on! I’m not condoning monetary success in and way, I’m just asking a few questions!

As you continue to move in a direction that will provide you with a sense of peace within, that will add a different level of value to your place here, not position! What does that look like stepping outside yourself and observing you, the new person in your shoes? Is it all about you or can we give something about ourselves away because we realize that we can’t keep it until we can give it away! How will we contribute to the fabric? How does our influence help to bring about positive change? And at the end of the day, will we make ourselves proud when no one is watching?

“You have to be able to imagine lives that are not yours.”

Wendell Berry

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