Fifteen years ago my yoga journey started when I stepped foot into a Bikram Yoga Class. Something about it made sense to me and I felt a special connection. Being a former football player, I think it was first a physical connection. The studio owner said that athletes struggle a bit on the mat because we’re used to muscling our way through our workout. Yoga allowed me to be okay with just being and I was hooked!


With 11 years of teaching experience and as I continue to evolve as a teacher, practitioner, massage therapist, husband, and dad I’ve learned that my time on my mat is merely a warm up to my day. It allows me to navigate my way through it present and at peace.
In this time of uncertainty it is important to know that we all have choices as to how we react to our changing landscape. Instead of breathing fear into this world, let us all shine and show our true magnificence. Instead of looking at this pandemic as a problem, let’s see the opportunity to be better, more conscious, aware, and more kind. Before we react to a situation let us all breathe first. Meditation and yoga for me has been my refuge!
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  1. Glad to see you back on YouTube. I earned my 200 hr certification in 2020. It have only taught sporadically and I’m trying to get other aspects in order after the pandemic.
    However, I still appreciate wing on my mat whether it is for myself or others.
    I can imagine how it can be difficult coming up with content consistently so hopefully you keep doing your thing. We need more black males out there showing how yoga can transform lives.


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